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Brewerkz Brewing Co is a home-grown brand that is synonymous with innovation, originality and quality. As the trailblazer in Singapore’s craft beer trade, Brewerkz Brewing Co owns the country’s largest microbrewery since 1997 and is proud to have amassed over 70 award-winning craft beers that are recognized locally and internationally.
For our next phase of expansion in Singapore and Asia Pacific, we are looking for talents with a unique blend of knowledge, expertise and skill-set. If you think you have what it takes to help us strengthen the winning formula in capturing the discerning palate of craft beer drinkers worldwide, we would love to hear from you.
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Why Join Us?

People Matters
People are our greatest assets. We constantly strive to put together a team that possesses the right attitude and individuals with the qualities and skill-sets that can complement each other. We believe in showing care and respect, and thriving together as a team.

Successful Relationships
Establishing long-term and valuable partnership with our respective stakeholder (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers) is what we are committed to. We place a high emphasis on integrity and conducting our business in which we can achieve a win-win for all.

Aiming to be the best in what we do is our mantra. To achieve excellence in every facet of our business operation, we continuously develop and invest in superior technical abilities and constantly make improvements to our methods, systems and processes.

Good Success
Above all, we believe in achieving all that we can through faith, integrity, passion and a balanced family-work life.

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